What Is Smub?

Smub is the bookmarking, link-sharing & bookmark management tool for smartphones and any PC or Mac.

Smubbing a webpage is easy. Just add "smub.it/" before the http of the url in your browser's address bar or use one of our handy tools. Your new bookmark, or "smub," can instantly be shared via email, posted to your blog or posted to a number of social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and MySpace.

Smub is also a fantastic bookmark management tool. You can customize any smub with your own short, easy-to-remember name. Registered Smub users can customize their smubs even further by including their handles in every smub. You can also add keyword tags and comments to make it easier to sort and search your smubs. Since they're short and go by the names you give them, smubs are easy to remember and perfect for sharing, whether online, in writing or aloud!

About the Smub Team

The Smub team splits its time between Lyon, France, and Mountain View, California.

CEO Thierry Lamouline (Mountain View) is an Internet pioneer and founder of three Internet companies since 2000, dedicated to making the Web simpler to use and more connected with the real world. Thierry has a wife and two daughters. He enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, diving, and ... astrophysics.

Chairman Cyril Balas (Lyon) has founded or run over a half-dozen companies ranging from programming services to state-of-the-art medical labs. Cyril is an avid traveler and cross-country skiier; he is married with two sons and a daughter.

CTO Stephane Petrot (airborne between France and the Silicon Valley) is a veteran in global network architecture and systems optimization. When he's not whipping our debug team, he enjoys every kind of sport, as long as it's outdoors.

Jobs at Smub!

Join the fastest-growing team on the Internet. Email jobs@smub.com.

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Email media@smub.com.
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